How to Clean Wood Furniture in The House

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How to Clean Wood Furniture in The House

You are in the right article for those looking for how to clean wood furniture in the house. Furniture and decorations are an addition to make the house more comfortable. For furniture or decorations to look clean and tidy, routine cleaning is necessary. Learning how to clean wood is an important measure to avoid damaging wooden furniture. Cleaning wood can be done easily, namely using detergents, waxes, and self-made solvents.

So, How to clean wood furniture in the house?

1. Clean your Furniture

Before you wipe your furniture, you must first cover all surfaces with a soft, lint-free cloth. This will clean and remove dust and other small debris that may be on your furniture.

A duster will not be effective in cleaning particles adhering to furniture. You also have to choose the fabric you use because some fluffy fabrics also have a rough surface that can scratch your furniture

2. Starting From a Small Surface

Before you clean furniture, you must know the furniture upholstery, paint, stains from the furniture you have. Better cleaning materials are used without hazardous materials. If using a cotton ball or cloth, soak the cleaning media with warm water and add a drop of dish soap or dishwashing detergent. Start cleaning first by wiping an inconspicuous area, namely the legs of the furniture.

-. When you doubt whether the detergent you are using is dangerous or not, the way is to rub the wood with detergent, then look for any discoloration.

-. If there is no discoloration, the detergent you are using is safe

-. If there is a change in color, continue cleaning wooden furniture with warm water and a damp cloth.


3. Mix Water With Dish Soap

If there is no color change in your furniture, then you can mix water with dish soap in a bucket. Combine 3.8 L of warm water and 0.5 cups of liquid detergent. Mix water and detergent until the solution is homogeneous. Start wiping your furniture with a damp cloth and dip the cloth in the soap solution.

-. Make sure your cloth when wiping is still damp, not soaked, to prevent the wood from being damaged due to excessive water exposure

-. Mineral oil can also be used as a substitute for your detergent

4. Wax or Polish Your Wood

When you have finished cleaning your wooden furniture by wiping, then the final step will apply wax as a coating. You can find wood finish or polish solutions at your local home supply store. Try to find a solution that contains silicon oil. For waxing, use a soft cotton cloth or wax brush. Apply the wax a little at a time and scrub the wood in a circular motion

-. Before you start coating your furniture, you should first read the instructions for using wood upholstery solutions

-. Test the veneer solution first by spraying it on the wood surface, and make sure it doesn’t cause damage to the wood

-. When the wax that has been rubbed is dry or faded, use a new cotton cloth or wax brush to scrub the furniture, rub the furniture in a circular motion

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